Local kids learn how to stand up to bullies at Bully Prevention Seminar

The Johnson’s ATA Black Belt Academy held a Bully Prevention Seminar this afternoon.
This event gives an opportunity for kids to boost their confidence and stand up to bullies. More than 40 kids of all ages, were introduced to non-violent strategies and verbal techniques that make bullies back down. Kids were taught the Gracie Bully Proof 5 Rules of Engagement as well as the three T-steps: talk, tell and tackle.
“This is something that’s really a passion of ours is helping kids overcome and stand up to bullies. We really thought instead of teaching our students, we can open up to the wider community. It was really important for us to have it as a free public service to anybody who is interested in attending and we had a great turnout today,” said Ryan Johnson, owner of Johnson’s ATA Black Belt Academy.