Local students join nationwide effort to stop bullying

Schools across the country are taking a stand against bullying, including some in Colorado Springs. It’s all part of the World Day of Bullying Prevention!

Today, students at the Academy for Advanced and Creative learning are coming together to raise awareness about the issue and educate their peers.

Students will wear blue along with students across America to draw attention to the issue. It’s all a part of the 10th annual Blue Shirt Day, but staff and students at the Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning say this is nothing new. In fact bullying prevention is a year long commitment for them!

“It’s basically a family,” said 7th grade student Lina Guerra. “We’re just a huge family here and we all step in as needed, but we know the boundaries of when a teacher needs to come in.”

“If they don’t feel safe they’re not going to be learning,” said 5th and 6th grade teacher Jennifer Tarbox. “They’re not going to be at their best. It’s one of our most important jobs to make sure kids intellectually safe and physically safe and emotionally safe.”

Throughout the year students have the chance to make posters and social contracts with their peers and teachers. They also practice Peace Paths, a conflict resolution process that stresses the importance of communication and taking responsibility for your actions.