Locked up in August: Grinning thug, attempted child abductor and drink-drive trucker | #childabductors

Rhys Wright has been jailed for violence

A thug has been jailed for a hate-fuelled attack in the centre of Exeter which horrified shoppers and passers-by.

Rhys Wright was already drunk by 8.20am on a Saturday morning last month when he attacked a man.

He punched and kicked the victim to the ground, walked away, and then sprinted back to do exactly the same thing a second time.

The victim had left the scene by the time police arrived and was never traced but was seen with blood on his face by two passing motorists.


Oliver Hellawell
Oliver Hellawell

A trucker who caused havoc on the North Devon Link road has been jailed after be flouted a ban and was caught drink driving.

Oliver Hellawell got back behind the wheel despite being subject to a suspended sentence for a case of dangerous driving which ended in a crash at the Bish Mill roundabout.

The A361 link road was blocked after his 43-tonne artic demolished a lamp post. Police had already been alerted to his bad driving by other motorists who saw the truck weaving around the road.


Bampfylde Street

A man has been jailed for having a corkscrew in his pocket after falling foul of Britain’s strict anti-knife crime laws.

Stephen Cave was found with the Waiter’s Friend corkscrew when he was arrested for suspected shoplifting in Exeter.

It was illegal because it had not only a corkscrew but a penknife blade which is designed to cut off the foil or plastic seal around the top of a bottle.


Spitchwick Common

A father and son have been jailed for lying about a fatal crash that led to the death of their wife and mother.

Gary Botfield allowed his 20-year-old son Lewis to drive back from a pub on Dartmoor through driving rain at 11.40 pm in a high-powered Mitsubishi Evolution 4 rally car.

Mrs Natasha Botfield was a back seat passenger and she suffered fatal head and neck injuries when Lewis lost control on a country lane at Spitchwick Common, near Buckfastleigh and crashed into a hedge.


Kieron Nolan
Kieron Nolan

A drug gang courier who had 1,000 street deals of cocaine hidden up his bottom has been jailed.

Kieron Nolan was one of three men stopped on the M5 near Cullompton in May last year by police who were investigating a Manchester based County Lines operation.

He was found with 111 grams of high purity cocaine inside his body. It was enough to make 1,110 street deals which would sell for £10 each, making a total value of £11,100.

The drugs were destined to be sold on the streets of either Exeter or Plymouth, where Manchester gangs have long standing connections.

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Reporting a crime:

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Fahad Issa
Fahad Issa

A cuckoo drug dealer who set up shop in an addict’s home in Barnstaple has been jailed.

Fahad Issa worked with a London based County Lines gang for a year and took photographs of wads of cash which he sent to friends with the caption ‘I’ve been doing bits’.

One photo showed a man with a large amount of cash but with his face obscured by an emoji.


Quinn Britton
Quinn Britton

A professional beggar who turned to crime after his income dried up during lockdown has been jailed for raiding a family’s home as they slept upstairs.

Quinn Britton has been homeless since he was 16 but managed to fund a heroin habit for four years by begging on the streets of Barnstaple and Bideford.

He fell in with more experienced criminals after his income dropped and ended up committing a string of offences.


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Exeter Crown Court
Exeter Crown Court

A jealous boyfriend has been jailed for biting his ex-partner on the nose and cheek during a late-night argument about her seeing other men.

Sonny Proctor left the 22-year-old victim covered in bruises from head to toe and with a bite mark on her face after the drunken attack.

He went on to defy an order to stay away from her and was caught with her at a room where he was living in a supported housing project in Exeter.


Martyn Oliver
Martyn Oliver

A criminal who boasted on Twitter that ‘being a thief is terrific’ has been jailed after he went on a lockdown crime spree.

Martyn Oliver posted a picture of his tattooed body in a gym three years ago with the message: “Loving life. Being a thief is a terrific. But the trouble is they put you in jail for it.”

His prediction came true after he broke into three houses while the owners were asleep upstairs.


David Orchard Withyman

A drifter has been jailed for having sex with three under age girls and trying to set up dates with two more.

David Orchard, who is also known as Withyman, was sofa surfing or living in his car when he met the girls, aged 13, 14 and 15.

He had a five month relationship with a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Exeter during which they had unprotected sex in his car four times.

He was caught because he started walking her to school and teachers became worried about his contact with her.

Orchard moved to Exeter while he was being investigated for having sex with two under age girls in Sheffield.


Carl Pedlar was jailed for a year

A violent boyfriend has been jailed after he kicked and punched his partner in a drunken rage.

Carl Pedlar had been drinking cans of lager with the victim at a park in Bideford before they had an argument at her home.

She fled the house during the attack but he tried to drag her back by her hair as she screamed for help.


Ali Hassan (left) and Maisha Choudhury

A drug dealer who ‘revelled’ in his success by filming himself with piles of cash has been jailed.

Ali Hassan made the clips while he was selling heroin and crack in Exeter on behalf of a London gang but they proved his undoing when police seized his phone.

He was working with a young homeless woman who was pressured into joining the county lines operation because she had drug debts.


Rupert Ellis
Rupert Ellis

A county lines drug dealer who called himself King has been jailed after he was found hiding vital evidence in his underpants.

Rupert Ellis managed a heroin and crack cocaine business in Exeter and recruited three fellow Londoners to help him deliver drugs and take money back to the capital.

His drug line used the brand name King and he was caught after police spotted his underlings selling to known users on Sidwell Street.

Ellis was found with more than £2,000 cash and 32 wraps of drugs hidden in a fake Coca Cola can and delivery woman Karen Burgess with two more wraps hidden inside her body when police raided their base in Exwick.


Louis Fitzgerald (left) and Kai Black

A bragging drug dealer has been jailed after he was found with videos of cash and guns on his phone.

Louis Fitzgerald filmed himself loading and holding up a rifle and had clips showing bundles of banknotes and bags of drugs on an iPhone which was seized by police.

He was caught selling heroin and crack to addicts in a graveyard in Exeter with a friend from Liverpool who had hidden their £700 stash inside his body.


Simon Rickard was seen staggering away from the house on Pennsylvania Road

A burglar has been jailed after worried neighbours reported him to police for being out and about during the coronavirus lockdown.

Simon Rickard was seen staggering away from the house in Exeter with a can of alcohol in his hand and residents alerted the authorities to his irresponsible behaviour.

One of them was a key worker who feared he could be spreading the virus by failing to follow the strict rules which were in place back in April.


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Mark McIntyre made thousands of pounds selling drugs – despite being almost totally blind

A nearly blind cannabis dealer built up £15,500 in savings by selling drugs from his bedroom and getting buyers to pay straight into his bank account.

Mark McIntyre suffers from a type of tunnel vision which means he spends most of his time at home, but it did not stop him building up a large customer base.

He has been jailed for carrying on with his lucrative business after he was caught by police and given a suspended sentence by a judge.


Police mugshot of Amin Hussein

A would-be child abductor has been jailed for starting a friendship with a single mother without telling her about his criminal past.

The mother from Devon was horrified when police told her that Amin Hussein had tried to grab a ten-year-old girl at a supermarket in Bristol four years ago.

He was subject to a restraining order which forbade him from having any contact with children unless he told their parents about his conviction.

He encouraged the mother’s two children, aged three and five, to watch movies on his laptop and watched them playing in her garden in Exeter.


Police mugshot of Ashley Pottle

A serial stalker has been jailed after he flouted a order to stay away from his ex partner and left her a prisoner in her own home.

Ashley Pottle carried on his campaign of harassment even after being locked up for a month and then receiving a suspended sentence in December last year.

He was banned from contacting the terrified woman or her mother and the restraining order even prohibited him from going to three streets in Exeter around where she lived.


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