Long Island man admits to fathering child with 11-year-old

rosales6n-1-webA twisted Long Island man admitted to fathering a child with an 11-year-old.

Jeffry Rosales, 31, agreed to a plea deal in Suffolk County Court on Wednesday, one day after federal charges that tied him to an unrelated shotgun killing were dropped, Newsday reported.

Rosales, of Brentwood, L.I., pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and got a 17-year prison sentence after DNA established him as the father of the now 13-year-old girl’s child, prosecutors said.

He faced 50 years to life just days earlier, with both rape and murder charges still pending.

Rosales had also been accused of being part of a 2013 gangland shooting in Central Islip. Aspiring rapper Keenan Russell, 21, was shot dead while leaving a party, according to Newsday.

But another man took responsibility for the crime and the federal murder charge was dismissed.

Source: Daily News