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Tucson, Ariz.
Joellen Russell likes a big class. The bigger the better, actually, with online sections and huge auditoriums and students swarming her after a lecture – the way they did one Thursday morning this fall after her Intro to Oceanography course at the University of Arizona.

“Wait, Dr. Russell, I’m not sure about the homework.” 

“What about the jet stream?”

Why We Wrote This

A group of female scientists is trying to overcome climate “doomerism” – the idea that nothing can be done to stop global warming. For them, it’s not just about the science but about values: how the issue affects families.

“Dr. Russell! I saw your sweet family at CVS!”

The distinguished professor stays onstage, laughing, joking, answering question after question, until finally she suggests that anyone else who wants to talk should visit her during office hours, which she holds at a picnic table outside. 

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