Los Angeles Unified School District: Corruption and “Teacher Jails”

The Los Angeles Unified School District has taken hundreds of teachers out of their classrooms over the past few years under allegations of misconduct or chi…


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Unified School District: Corruption and “Teacher Jails”

  1. ืหฟ

    George please tell Rick I am highly decorated as well. Please adjust your
    speed and vocabulary. When I got into court, my attorney, Jack Borenstien,
    just walked out the door. The district scared him.

  2. Oregon Patriot

    George you should slowly list us and give brief synopsis of the laws you
    cite. As far as the sentiment, GO BROTHER, GO. creating pay scales that
    can’t be reached by people who are not politically correct. Is a sham. They
    destroyed families, cost us or children, and forced us to live barely above
    food stamp qualifications. The. Union does not defend or represent
    teachers, it pays golf with staff relations (the figurative gestapo of
    LAUSD). LAUSD does not want good teachers, the district wants