Lovesick Ministries gifts parishioner with car | Religion | #specialneeds | #kids

Christina Barnett was waiting on a city bus with her daughter Loralynn, 12, when Mary Solenberg and her husband Austin pulled up to offer her a ride. Far from strangers, the Solenbergs were the pastors of Lovesick Ministries where Barnett attended church.

“They offered to take me to Walmart but wanted to stop by the church first. Of course, I didn’t mind that, so we stopped by Lovesick first,” Barnett said.

Unbeknownst to Barnett, her pastors had a surprise for her.

“We were approached by a local business owner who supports our ministry in many various ways. The business owner had a car he wanted to gift to a single mother in need. He approached us with confidence we could fulfill his wishes,” Mary Solenberg said.

A few weeks prior, Mary and Austin had approached Barnett after church to ask her about her needs. Barnett, who suffers from Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis is the sole caregiver for her 12-year-old daughter, Loralynn, who Barnett said has special needs. Barnett told her pastors that the thing that could help her situation out the most was a vehicle, as she was stuck taking the bus.

“I had told them that I had about $1,400 saved up, and even though I didn’t want to make car payments I needed a car,” Barnett said.

“After our leadership prayed about the right mother to gift the car to, we all agreed Christina was the perfect mom to receive this amazing opportunity to be a car owner,” Mary said.

When they arrived at the church, Mary and Austin led Barnett to the church’s bay doors where the vehicle was waiting.

“There was this beautiful Honda Civic sitting there and they told me, ‘we believe in you, we believe in Loralynn and we want you and her to have this car,’” Barnett said. “So they took the money I had saved up and we paid six months of insurance and the tax and title, they made sure it had an oil change and new tires, too.”

Barnett was overcome with emotion and said that the gift meant the world to her and her daughter.

“They’ve done so much for us, for me and Loralynn,” Barnett said.

“We are so excited that Christina was being so giving and gracious with her new car.

This is the first time we have had the amazing and humbling opportunity to bless a family in our church with a car,” Mary said. “Lovesick Ministries is in our third year of mandatory renovation. We have been struggling to complete our renovation and to keep our doors open to our community. Nonetheless, we continue to meet needs, and spread the love of Christ. We believe Lovesick is blessed to be a blessing to our community.”

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