LSU student arrested for biting, stabbing student in carjacking attempt on campus: report | Crime/Police | #students | #parents

An LSU student was arrested Friday evening after police said he attacked another student with a knife and bit them, WBRZ reported. 

Freddie Peter Washington IV, 20, tried to steal the victim’s car in the East Campus Apartment parking lot, according to WBRZ’s report on the arrest affidavit. Washington ordered the victim to give him their car after throwing a brick at the student’s back and pointing a pocket knife at them. 

A witness saw the exchange and helped the victim fight off Washington, knocking the knife out of Washington’s hand and restraining him until police arrived at the scene, WBRZ reported. 

One of the victims received a cut under their eye from the knife and a deep bite wound on the wrist.

Washington was arrested on counts of armed robbery and battery. 

Washington was majoring in General Business for his bachelor’s degree, according to the LSU Directory. 

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