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local mother is making it her mission to keep abusers from hurting any more children. Thousands of children each year are shuffled into courthouses because of child abuse.

Kathy Swafford is working to break the chain of abuse and bring awareness to the community. She is in the process of adopting six children who were abused. Their handprints were the inspiration behind the logo for the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization called Safe Haven of NE Florida.

Swafford is using her story entwined with theirs to educate people about child abuse.

“I don’t want the younger generation to go through what I did as an abused child,” Swafford said.
Through her pain, she’s helping other kids find their voice to speak up.

“You have to find your voice and then you have to find your voice for other children that are in the same situation,” Swafford said.

Swafford is working with local senators to develop a registry through her 501(c) (4) nonprofit called Stop Our Pain, which could require convicted child killers or convicted child abusers to sign up once they finish serving their time.

This registry will be set up, so once the abuser gets out of prison they will be required to register online and it will follow them no matter what state they live in.

“There is no registry for these convicted child killers and convicted child abusers – at all,” Swafford said.

She believes this paper trail will help hold abusers accountable, and it will be run similar to the sexual predator registry.

“There is no paper trail within the state, within the county or the nation,” Swafford said. She said this will stop our children’s pain.