Madison Police Shooting: How the Tony Robinson Incident Unfolded

The details of the shooting death of an unarmed black teen in Madison, Wisconsin, on Friday night were described in detail the next day by Police Chief Mike Koval.

Officer Matt Kenny, a 12-year veteran of the department, had responded to a complaint regarding a man “yelling and jumping in front of cars,” authorities said.

Kenny followed the suspect into an apartment after hearing a disturbance, police said.

Inside, Kenny found Tony Robinson, a 19-year-old who had previously pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges in 2014. An altercation ensued and Kenny shot Robinson, who died in a nearby hospital that evening. Kenny was also injured, according to Koval, but a description of his wounds was not provided.

Robinson’s death sparked protests throughout Madison this weekend, where demonstrators carried banners saying “Black Lives Matter.”

More demonstrations are expected to continue on Monday. Robinson’s family has urged demonstrators to remain peaceful.

Aware of the national interest in the shooting, Koval said he was attempting to be careful to avoid the “missteps” of the Ferguson Police Department.

On Saturday, Koval released the name of the officer responsible for the shooting.

Koval also declined to comment on Robinson’s criminal record on Saturday, saying it would be inappropriate to do so a day after the man died.

Kenny has not publicly discussed the shooting.

Kenny had been exonerated in a previous shooting incident in 2007, an incident for which he later received a medal of valor.

It remains unclear whether Koval’s emphasis on transparency will alleviate mistrust in the community.

Lynn Robinson, a neighbor of Tony Robinson’s, told ABC News, “I worry about my kids even walking down the street.”