Madrasa teacher arrested over ‘assaulting’ 8-year old student in Chattogram | #teacher | #children | #kids

Md Yahiya, the teacher of Al Markazul Quran Islamic Academy, was arrested at his home in Rangunia on Wednesday afternoon.

Shahadat Hossain, an additional superintendent of police in Chattogram, said the family of the boy were initiating a case against Yahiya.

The teacher had earlier been detained but was later released at the parents’ request.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md Ruhul Amin led an operation to rescue the child after a video of the incident of Tuesday evening went viral on social media.

“The mother went to see her child at the madrasa on Tuesday afternoon. The 8-year-old followed her mother on her way out around 5:30pm,” Amin told

Yahiya then took him inside the madrasa by the scruff of his neck and began striking him with a cane, Amin said.

“After coming to know what had happened through social media late at night, I led an operation to Al Markazul madrasa to retrieve the child and detained Yahiya.”

The parents of the child were called to the UNO office the same night.

However, in a written statement to the UNO, the mother said she was “angered and shocked” by the incident, but would not take any steps against the teacher for the sake of her child’s future.

Shahadat said at the time that the teacher would be called in for questioning.

Al Markazul Quran Islamic Academy has around 200 students.

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