Man Choking On food

A server at Verde Taqueria uses the Heimlich maneuver to save a customer. On Wednesday, Matthew McConnell was ringing up orders at the computer when he heard…

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25 thoughts on “Man Choking On food

  1. Ronny Kethers

    Today, we’re gonna bury a good friend of mine who choked on a piece of
    steak in the middle of a town party. Unfortunately, there was no hero like
    in this video.

  2. coolbud1

    useless bunch of friends just gently pat his back and look like dont’ care
    much. he could have died if that guy wasn’t there to save him the right way

  3. IWatchWeirdVideos

    People here getting upset about how they patted his back are being
    ridiculous, it’s a natural reaction. 

  4. Junaki Ali

    Everyone should learn first aid so that you can save others or yourself.
    These may not happen often but one day we could find ourselves in this
    situation. Most end up doing the wrong thing. Its life and death situation
    we should all learn, I will be looking at these closely.

  5. Darren Greenwood

    Who has told you this Huan? This information is INCORRECT. Procedure for a
    choking person is 5 back slaps (between the shoulder blades in an upward
    motion)….if this fails, then 5 abdominal thrusts…and keep repeating
    this procedure until the object has been dislodged…or the patient becomes
    unconscious. If unconscious….start CPR immediately.

  6. 100abovetheinfluence

    Just saw this on “Caught on Camera.” The guy just went on back to finishing
    his meal. The girl next to him wouldn’t have saved him.

  7. worldwildwest

    Best Employee of the Year for saving his Life, in my own experience it
    happened at work during lunch break, i was by myself when it happened when
    a piece of orange got lodged in my upper esophagus, I remember thinking:
    this is how I’m going to die without saying Goodbye to my Wife – if you’re
    literally minutes away to meet your maker your primary instinct is to Fight
    it, my primary instinct was to use my abdominal muscle to cough the piece
    until it came off followed by a sight of relief, had t