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Man indicted in ‘sextortion’ scheme; coerced young girls to send him graphic photos

A federal grand jury has indicted a Baton Rouge man in what agents called a “sextortion” scheme, where young girls were coerced to produce child pornography online, J. Walter Green, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana, announced Tuesday.

The July 29 indictment was unsealed Tuesday accusing Matthew Chaney Walker, 25, who was arrested in March, of posing as a girl on social networking platforms such as Kik Messenger to persuade girls across the United States and Canada to send him compromising images of themselves.

The indictment alleges Walker, using the screen names “emilyluvsyou20,” “Emily,” “its_zoey_2002,” and “Zoey Jane,” would identify girls between 8 and 14 years old and begin conversations with them, using “flirting and flattery designed to make them feel attractive and more confident about their bodies.”

Walker would send his targets suggestive pictures of other young girls, purportedly depicting the false identity he constructed.

In order to obtain even more graphic images, Walker threatened his online companions that he would expose their photos to their schools, families, friends or the public if they did not send increasingly suggestive images, including ones depicting nudity or sexual conduct, the indictment says.

When one girl protested, according to the indictment, Walker told her in a message, “Do you really want to be known as a whore at school?”

And after another child’s parent intervened, Walker asked the parent to send explicit images of the girl, warning, “Guess u don’t want to save urself/ur daughter … Your last chance remains if u still answer me.”

The parent notified law enforcement.

At least four girls have been identified as Walker’s victims, according to the indictment.

Walker faces charges of extortion, production of child pornography, receipt of child pornography, possession of child pornography and forfeiture.

Law enforcement asks anyone who believes that they might have been a victim of Walker to contact the Baton Rouge Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at (225) 757-7770, ext. 106.


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