Man #jailed for #sexually #assaulting four-year-old #girl said he ‘thought she was #18’

A young man who sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl and then claimed he believed she was “the 18-year-old babysitter” has been jailed.

Conrad Asa Pritchard,22, of Isaac Close, Salford, attacked the young girl during a house party in Salford after having been drinking in a pub.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Pritchard was found naked to the waist and lying next to the child, pretending to be asleep, by the girl’s mother.

Following his arrest, Pritchard told the police he thought the girl was the 18-year-old babysitter.

But DC Paul Davies, of Greater Manchester Police, said Pritchard had targetted the girl to “satisfy his appalling urges”.

He described his explanation as “absurd” and added “he is now where he deserves to be”.

Pritchard was convicted and sentenced to 32 months in jail after pleading guilty to sexual assault at Manchester Crown Court.