Man previously sentenced to prison for sexual harassment kills woman | #teacher | #children | #kids

ADANA – Demirören News Agency

A 46-year-old ex-teacher, Erdoğan Küpeli, previously sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually harassing a teacher but was never arrested, shot a cashier, Tuğba Keleş, who rejected his proposal in the southern province of Adana, on Oct. 1.

According to police sources, Küpeli shot Keleş, aged 35, on her back and then pulled the trigger on his head to commit suicide.

The woman died on the spot and Küpeli is in hospital critically injured. 

According to Muhammet Keleş, the elder brother of the deceased, said that his sister had been worried that she might get harmed. “A day ago, my sister texted me saying, ‘If something happens to me, take care of my child.’”

The first reaction to the femicide came from Gülay Mübarek, the teacher who Küpeli harassed for years.

“If he was arrested, Keleş would be living today,” cried Mübarek.

“This man started bothering me in 2016,” said Mübarek, noting the legal fight she gave for years. “With three charges, the court sentenced him to eight years and three months. But he never got imprisoned, as the higher court has not approved the verdicts.”

Noting that Küpeli had been “obsessed” with the cashier then, Mübarek said: “One month ago, this man tried to kidnap Keleş. Police caught him, but he was released. Why don’t you arrest someone who kidnaps a woman and harasses another for years?”

Mübarek said Keleş had contacted her on social media but she saw her messages late. “We were about to communicate to discuss what she can do to get rid of him, but today I heard the news of her death.”

Mübarek also made a call to the public, stressing, “When a woman comes and makes complaints to you, please care her call. When you don’t, it costs a woman’s life.”


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