Mandatory testing for teachers is wrong (letter to the editor) | #teacher | #children | #kids

After working for the New York City Department of Education for nearly 30 years, I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter when I retired. Apparently, it can.

The uncertainty that teachers and children are experiencing today is heartbreaking. Now, on top of everything that has been going on since March, the DOE and the UFT are ordering mandatory random testing. How is it random if it is mandatory?

I don’t recall signing away my medical rights when I became a teacher. If a teacher doesn’t consent to a test, he or she will be put on unpaid leave? If a parent doesn’t consent to a random test, his or her child will be put on remote learning? Who do they think they are?

No one entity has the authority to demand mandatory testing on another human being. Where does it stop? That slippery slope has just become a bottomless pit, jolting us backward in time to 1940s Germany. What’s next?

(Mary Joanne Kling is a Huguenot resident.)

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