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Manga warns Taiwanese children of sexual exploitation dangers

Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back

Ten thousand copies of a Japanese manga translated into Chinese to warn children against the dangers of sexual exploitation were presented to the Taipei city government’s Department of Education on Oct. 27.

The Rotary Club of Taipei North translated and published the manga for distribution in junior high and senior high schools after the Japanese organization that created the manga approved the project to help address the sex crimes that Taiwan, like Japan, faces.

“The manga is very easy to understand and will help young people protect themselves,” said Tang Chih-min, the department’s commissioner. The manga will soon be distributed to each school in Taipei, a department official said.

“Blue Heart” was originally created by Lighthouse, a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization that works to rescue victims of child prostitution and child pornography. It explains the dangers of sexual exploitation through commercial establishments operating “JK businesses” as well as “revenge porn” and other dangers that children can face.

JK stands for “joshi kosei” (high school girls).

JK businesses have manifested in ways, such as “JK osanpo,” in which men pay for “strolls” with high school girls.


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