Mangaluru: Hijab row – ‘Will fight for justice, never lose hope’, say students | #students | #parents

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Mangaluru, Jun 3: Hijab clad Muslim students said that they will fight for justice and will not lose hope regard to the protest erupted in Mangalore University college at Hampankatta.

Addressing media here on Friday June 2 under Mangaluru VV Vidyarthi Samanvaya Samithi, student Ghousia explained that the college principal Dr Anasuya Rai had sent them a text message on WhatsApp informing that the students were thereby not allowed to attend the classes wearing hijab. As for the students, they were distressed as to not have received any official statement and that they could not rely on an unofficial WhatsApp message. They wrote a letter to the principal as told, with a request to permit them to wear hijab. After multiple requests, even the principal gave up on them, claiming she was helpless as she did not have the authority to act on it.

She also said, “We were then asked to meet the deputy commissioner, but even then, our hopes crashed. Some teachers would accept us while others would not. Students’ atrocities followed afterwards and the situation only worsened. Various students in the college began wearing saffron shawls. Some took our videos and pictures and some even went to the extent of unreasonably picking a fight with us.” They also claimed that the lecturers were sternly restricted to take these students inside the class.

Ghousia explained that they wrote a letter to the HOD, but the effort went in vain. She mentioned that they used to write notes in the library, but were barred from doing so later on. The situation intensified when they were denied permission to wear hijab inside the campus. She also mentioned that the situation had worsened to an extent where students would arrive to stage protests, intoxicated.

She also said, “We were also not permitted to wear our veil as hijab. We want the dress code to be followed as it is in the prospectus. It has been 2 months since the high court issued an order on hijab row. There were no protests so far. All of a sudden, the order was forcibly imposed due to the pressure of ABVP, which was discussed in the syndicate meeting. It is matter of right and we will fight for justice and will not lose hope.”

The chairperson Riyaz, who expressed the right to seek justice, opined that this was not an issue over hijab, but an issue created through intense pressure and protests by the ABVP and other matters combined. He explained that they sought justice and placed a request for lending support.

They students also informed that the higher authorities need to pay heed to their grievances and understandably act on it. Riyaz said that if these concerning issues were not addressed within a span of two days, they would proceed to stage a huge protest regarding the issue.

Student Shazma, Mashitha, and convenor Asham were present.








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