Marcus Rashford of Man United presents MBE Award for his work on Children’s School Food | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

Manchester United Marcus Rashford Queen Elizabeth II was honored with an MBE for helping children get school meals during corona virus infections.

The MBE stands for the Commission of the British Empire and is an honor bestowed by Britain on its citizens in a positive way in their work order. Other notable footballers who have earned MBEs include Alex Scott, Harry Kane, Steven Gerrard, Ian Wright and Farah Williams.

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In June, Rashford won a U-turn from the government in the UK, which was able to receive food vouchers for more than a million school children throughout the summer holidays.

Boris Johnson, the 22-year-old Prime Minister who relied on food vouchers during his school days in Manchester, was praised for “contributing to the debate surrounding poverty.”

Rashford, who has raised $ 20 million for charities fighting food poverty, wrote an open letter to MPs urging them to reconsider the government’s indication that school food vouchers would be discontinued at the end of the school year.

Speaking to the BBC about Ka honor Ravam, Rashford said: “It was a good moment for me personally, but at the beginning of the journey I was trying to achieve I still felt like I was there.

“I think what I want to do now is I speak directly to the Prime Minister, asking him to extend the vouchers until at least the middle of October, because I think this is what families need.

“Talking to them, knowing how much help has been given to them and how much it is going to affect them if not, should be my main focus now – to get that message across.”

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