Marijuana supporters blast latest web ad from opponents


With less than a week until the election, supporters and opponents of Amendment 2, which would allow marijuana for medical use, are still waging a fierce battle to sway voters.

Amendment 2 advocates, United for Care, is blasting the latest salvo from the Drug Free Florida Committee. The political action committee on Wednesday launched a web ad featuring Polk County Sheriff Gray Judd.

Judd’s message is that Amendment 2 “gives teens legal access to pot. Make no mistake. Teen drug use will rise. They don’t call Amendment 2 the pot for teens amendment but they should.”

United for Care campaign manager Ben Pollara responded with a press release stating that “medical marijuana opponents have decided they can’t win by telling the truth. You don’t have to take my word for it – independent, objective observers have clearly demonstrated that the claims made by the No on 2 campaign are untruthful.

“We’re going to win this election by telling the stories of sick and suffering patients who truly need this medicine to dramatically improve their quality of life,” added Pollara. “The No on 2 campaign will continue to spread lies because they know they will lose if they stick to the facts.”

Sarah Bascom, Vote No on 2’s spokeswoman, counters the “loopholes are real” in the amendment.

Pollara refers to a check by PolitiFact, which ruled that “The proposal’s framers say they specifically didn’t include minors in its language in order to let state law reign supreme. Policy experts said state regulations usually dictate parental consent is necessary, and there’s no reason to think Florida would be any different.”


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