Marion Harding’s Varsity H Club gets revitalized in 2021-22 | #teacher | #children | #kids

MARION — The Varsity H Club has been a part of Marion Harding High School for almost a century, but in recent generations it was certainly lacking, turning into a club in name only.

A teacher at the high school, a Harding grad and a former Varsity H Club member as a teen, current assistant athletic director Brett McCrery saw potential in the venerable club and sought to not only bring it back, but give it a purpose.

“For a long time I don’t think anybody really understood what it did mean,” he said of the club. “That’s what I mean by defunct. There was a Varsity H Club when I was in school, but it really didn’t do anything.”

According to McCrery’s research, the club dates back to 1926, so there’s a long history. And with many student-athletes no longer in the building full time due to online classes or college courses being offered by Marion Technical College and The Ohio State University branch campus in Marion, he’s noticed a lack of spirit in the halls of the high school.

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