Marysville hockey hosts Oxford for ‘We Are All Wildcats’ night | #students | #parents

Blotches of navy and gold were scattered among the home crowd. Hundreds of shirts bearing the phrase “Oxford Strong” sat on a table for sale. A marching band played the fight song of Oxford High School.

But this wasn’t a home game for the Wildcats. Instead, it was an atmosphere created by the Marysville hockey team.

The Vikings held “We Are All Wildcats” night during their 5-2 victory over Oxford-Avondale United at McMorran Arena on Wednesday. It was the program’s way of showing support for the Oxford community in the wake of November’s tragedy, when a 15-year-old student shot and killed four classmates at the township’s high school.

“All around the country, there is this community of support for Oxford,” said Ella Webb, a junior at Marysville, who volunteered to sell shirts for a fundraiser during the game. “We just want to be there for them because we’re near them and we’re on the ice playing with them. We want to reach out with our support to them as much as possible.”

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