MaskClub Disney Washable Face Masks For Kids | #parenting

By now, our families have tons of face masks laying around the house, however, we’re always in the market for a few more Disney-inspired options! After all, it’s important to take every precaution to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, and in following the CDC’s national guidelines, that means reaching for a face mask whenever you’re out in public. In an effort to put a fun spin on staying safe, we’ve been searching high and low for breathable face coverings that our kiddos will love, and these Disney-themed face coverings definitely qualify.

Thankfully, MaskClub has a ton of amazing washable options for both kids and adults, whether they’re into Sesame Street, superheroes, or Disney characters. Made of two layers of polyester, each mask is handmade and sells for $15 each. Scroll ahead to see some of our favourite designs inspired by movies like Frozen and Toy Story.

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