Mass protest over Mormon church denying baptism to children of gay couples

Thousands of Mormons gathered in a park to resign en masse from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, protesting the church’s new policy regarding the children of same-sex couples. The church distributed “Handbook 1”, which contained new rules for the church such as not allowing “natural or adopted” children of same-sex couples to obtain a name and not receiving the church’s blessing until they turn 18. The new rules introduced by the church includes the refusal to baptise children of same-sex couples, even if the child is straight and estranged from their parents. The Mormon church leadership recently announced a change to LDS policy on same-sex-marriage. The new Church policy characterizes a same-sex relationship as a “serious transgression” and labels those in them as “apostates”, something reserved for those who commit crimes like murder and rape. “(That’s) so that way (the church) can’t guilt trip us or tell our families or try to excommunicate us through a ‘court of love, ‘” she said. In the days leading up to the event, more than 1,700 church members sent requests to be removed from the church’s rolls to a local attorney who has publicly volunteered to help with the process. “But going after kids is what really has pushed people over the edge this time”, he said. But it also could impact children who have one gay parent.