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If you told the old me that 19th-century prairie dresses would come back in style in the year 2020, I would’ve laughed in disbelief. But if Greta Gerwig’s trendsetting adaptation of Little Women tells us anything about timeless fashion, it’s that ruffly sleeved dresses are as versatile as they are elegant. Now they’re more popular than ever, too. “Nap dresses” are what they’re called, and they’re in high demand everywhere. Contrary to their name, which was trademarked by Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond in early 2020, nap dresses aren’t glorified nightgowns, though they certainly are just as comfortable — so comfortable, in fact, that they make for the ultimate go-to maternity outfit. Soft, flowy fabric with a feminine aesthetic, a nap dress is perfect for those days where you want to look glamorous and put-together, but barely have enough energy to touch your toes. Ahead, see the cutest maternity Nap Dresses (and a few that are not maternity but would still work for pregnancy).

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