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College basketball has officially entered the chat.With so much posturing over the impending college football season — namely, trying to salvage some semblance of it — college hoops has mostly taken a backseat. That is, until the Pac-12’s announcement this week it was postponing all athletics competitions until at least the start of 2021. All of them. Yes, college basketball, you (again) are caught in COVID-19’s crosshairs.

Of course, there are still many months before the season is scheduled to start. There’s time. Time to develop solutions, plus backup plans for if (when) they’re needed. But with the Pac-12’s announcement, time is now very much of the essence, more so than even a week ago.

With all that said, understandably, your questions mostly focused on the nebulous state of the sport. The good news is this: Duke, and specifically Mike Krzyzewski, is so integral to college basketball that the school is certain…

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