Medical Student Proud To Help Vaccinate Oklahomans In Fight Against COVID-19 | #students | #parents

A medical student in Oklahoma said she’s thrilled to be helping vaccinate people against COVID-19.

It has been a long and grueling year learning how to live during a pandemic. Lives have changed in a million ways and many have lost people they dearly loved. That is why the opportunity to get this shot means so much to the people in line.

“I feel great. I am just excited to get it,” said Jerry Diepenbrock. 

These cars are filled with people waiting to get their COVID vaccine at OSU Med. Oklahoma is in Phase 3, which means teachers, students, people working in education and critical infrastructure personnel are eligible to get their shots.

“There were teachers who have come through who were brought to tears after they received their vaccine because they were just so excited, and life has been so difficult for them trying to provide an education for their students this year,” said OSU Med Student Sheeba Aga. 

With the excitement there is a little bit of anxiety. 

“Very nervous. I am on other medications and I wonder how it is going to react with that,” said Nancy Haire. 

Aga is a third year OSU Med student. The pride she has being a part of this vaccine process is something you can feel when talking to her.

“When this rotation was opened to us, I didn’t think twice about signing up for it because that was the biggest thing was being a part of this. It is life changing, on a global level,” said Aga.

When asked if the pandemic has made her think twice about her decision to go into medicine, she said she hasn’t once doubted her decision.

“When we chose this profession, we knew that it would come with, maybe not this exact situation but similar situations where our lives are at risk. That is something we accepted from the beginning,” said Aga.

With every dose, history is being made here in Oklahoma. 

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