Meet Milltown Board Of Education Candidate Jim Lloyd | #Education

MILLTOWN, NJ – Jim Lloyd and his wife have lived in Milltown for eight years. Their two children are students at the Joyce Kilmer School. Lloyd is seeking re-election to the Milltown Board of Education in November.

“I’m running for the board because I have a good sense of how things work and I can work with the district to maintain the quality education that our kids currently receive and identify opportunities to make the district even better,” Lloyd said of his re-election campaign. “I want to engage the community more. We’ve run strategic planning sessions, conduct an annual survey and have a Community Relations Committee, but I’d love to do more. It’s hard to predict exactly what’s going to happen in the next year and what’s possible, however, given the challenges of COVID-19.”

Lloyd is a Garden State native and graduated from Rutgers University as an undergrad. He earned his law degree from Fordam University and a masters of public policy degree from the Bloustein School at Rutgers University. Currently, he works at Rutgers as a research specialist in the Center for Health Services Research. His wife is also a researcher at Rutgers.

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In addition to being a Milltown Board of Education member, Lloyd has been a basketball and soccer coach for the Milltown Recreation Department. He hopes to coach one of the Our Lady of Lourdes Falcons basketball teams if there is a season this winter. Lloyd has also been a district committeeman for the Milltown Democratic Organization.

Like most borough residents, Lloyd loves the small town appeal of Milltown.

“There is a real sense of community here,” he said. “You run into the same people at rec sports, the pool, at school functions and you get to know and trust them. Additionally, I have to say that the school district is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier that my kids attend these schools. They like their teachers and I appreciate the focus on social and emotional learning that encourages them not only to succeed academically, but be good people.”

Lloyd feels one of the major issues impacting Milltown schools today is the coronavirus pandemic that has most Middlesex County students working remotely.

“We don’t know how the pandemic is going to progress through the fall and winter, when we can reopen and how we can do so safely,” Lloyd explained. “The safety of the children, families and district employees are the foremost thing on our minds now. The other aspect of the pandemic, which is critically important, is ensuring that the kids’ education is as good as it can be, given the restrictions in place.”

“One thing I can say from my experience is that everyone’s pushing in the same direction on the monumental task of reshaping how the kids are educated during this time,” Lloyd continued. “Everyone in the district is engaged and working together for the education of the children and the safety of the community.

During his time on the Milltown Board of Education, Lloyd has”built up knowledge of how the district works.” He was a Finance and Facilities chair and also served on the Negotiations Committee. Both positions allowed him to gain knowledge and insight into the district’s budget process and take part in several negotiations with Milltown School District administrators and teachers’ unions.

Lloyd’s goals if re-elected to the Milltown BOE in November include continuing to help the district more forward during the coronavirus pandemic and assist the district in being more inclusive to all students.

“I’ll work to help the district in any way I can with the pandemic response of course,” Lloyd said of his goals. “If things progress positively, and we return to something resembling normalcy, I’d like to work to bring diverse perspectives into Milltown’s schools.”

“Small towns have wonderfully strong community bonds, but they can be insular,” Lloyd continued. “I think the current cultural movement offers an opportunity to make the district more inclusive. I would like to bring in community members from a variety of backgrounds to discuss their experiences and make sure our schools are welcoming to everyone. And I mean everyone, you can’t just engage the majority of the community. It’s critical that public schools, given their role and the importance of education, reach out and make sure that everyone is included.”

“While I’ve been on the board, I always try to look at how issues and questions could impact the edge cases, the students with the most needs, unique qualities or challenges that can make education more difficult,” Lloyd said. “I think racial and cultural diversity has to be approached the same way and I’d like to engage the community to have that conversation going forward.”

“I’m very happy to have served on the Milltown Board of Education for six years with fantastic fellow board members and working with the truly committed administration, staff and faculty of the Milltown School District,” Lloyd added.

Borough voters will be deciding on three open seats for the Milltown Board of Education in the upcoming election. Lloyd is running along with fellow incumbents JoAnne Demetrio and Mary O’Mara. Egnita Pardo is also seeking one of the open BOE seats, running as a write-in candidate.


*In the upcoming weeks, Tapinto Milltown/Spotswood will continue with the Meet the Candidate series leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, November 3. Candidates running in local elections in Helmetta, Milltown and Spotswood will be featured.


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