Memories of a Lifetime … The Choking Game Kills!

This slideshow was made for me by a stranger I’ve never met, George. George wrote to me and sent me this on a dvd after visiting Gabriel’s webpage at: http:/…


3 thoughts on “Memories of a Lifetime … The Choking Game Kills!

  1. P Fletch

    Absolutely and totally unfair. I have to talk to God about this too! May He
    bless those who love this child and mourn him. What a beautiful child. I
    can tell by the video that he had so so much to give to the world, but I
    can also sense that this special child will have brought and left something
    wise for this world I cant beleive that this kind of thing can lead to
    death but I know it does and I know that these kids just didnt know any
    better. Sad. 🙁

  2. Cristo1040

    Incredibly beautiful, done with his heart for such a incredible boy!
    Missing our boys and you Sarah!

  3. P Fletch

    What a beautiful awesome song and well put together slideshow. Its a happy
    one considering the circumstances.