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This article bUpdated throughout the week with corona virus case numbers and other information you need to know about the epidemic in San Antonio.

September 26

A new death: San Antonio Metropolitan Health District One death and 100 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Saturday. This brings the death toll in Becker County to 1,074, pushing the number of positive test results to 54,295 since the corona virus infection novel began in mid-March.

September 25

The number of corona virus cases in San Antonio rose to 224 on Friday, raising the county’s total since the outbreak began at more than 54,000. Mayor Ron Niranberg has not announced any new deaths. The county has a death toll of 1,073 and a total of 54,195 cases.

September 24

Five more COVID-19 deaths: The Metropolitan Health District said 177 new cases of the corona virus novel Thursday in Pexer County, 22 more than the 155 announced on Wednesday. Five deaths in the past two weeks were reported Thursday, bringing the city’s death toll to 1,073.

September 23

COVID-19 Numbers Update: Metro Health officials did not report any deaths related to the new corona virus on Wednesday as cases and deaths continue to be a steady, downward trend in San Antonio as a whole.

There were 155 new corona virus cases, A slight hike from the weekend – Officials said it could be due to the Labor Day holiday – but is still a long way off from reports of more than 1,000 new daily cases that occurred before the summer.

Mass Weekly Test begins: This is the first day of a new practice in the Somerset Independent School District: A mass test for the corona virus was developed Social Labs is a non-profit based in San Antonio that ensures the ability to perform thousands of tests a day, with results available within 24 hours. The Southwest Becker County School District agreed to demonstrate this organization in the hope that the pilot program would accelerate the return to classroom learning in its seven schools.

September 22

COVID-19 Numbers Update: Six more people have died in San Antonio and Becker County due to the Corona virus novel, In almost two weeks, officials said Tuesday.

September 21

COVID-19 Numbers Update: Risk level for corona virus Entered the “safe zone” in San Antonio Monday, allowing the reopening of various city services and facilities, at least on a limited basis.

September 20

COVID-19 Numbers Update: City Sunday recorded backlinks of 2,473 COVID-19 cases, According to the Metropolitan Health District’s daily corona virus update, Bexer County has a total of 53,341 since the outbreak.

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