Middletown Community Blinded to Police Crime, Candidates Remain Silent | #College. | #Students

By Jeana Sager

This time last year I dared to have a conversation about police crime resulting in both Republicans and Democrats trying to destroy my Candidacy for Middletown Committee despite the topic being incredibly relevant not only to our nation but to Middletown. As we approach Election Day, Middletown Politics is still silent on police violence.

Ignoring widely publicized knowledge that Middletown Township Police use force at higher rates than 406 other police departments in the state and based on population blacks are 1021% more likely to have force used on them; still no candidate from either party has brought this issue up.

The Middletown Community has been blinded as its police department, which is the largest in Monmouth County has been operating without body cameras or dash cameras in their vehicles. This has a profoundly negative impact on holding police accountable, as we cannot hear or see when police are breaking the law or engaging in acts of racism.

It seems odd that two parties with very different ideologies are both equally invested in keeping this topic silent. In reality, the political superstructure profits from police union support and their members‘ votes by letting the issue go unaddressed even as our communities suffer great harm. Keeping the conversation silent and the community blind protects this relationship.

Candidates and political parties have a responsibility to scream about these issues, not intentionally creating a culture of fear and consequences for those who speak out about the issue. Personal silence is violence, but the systematic coercion to silence masses through powerful institutions should constitute crimes against humanity.

Jeana Sager,
Former Middletown Township Committee Candidate

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