Minister calls for environment protection to fight climate change | #students | #parents

Speaking here on Monday to students of the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) after witnessing efforts by stakeholders of tree planting and environmental cleanliness as part of Environment week activities, he said drought persistence causes low crop production as more than 65 per cent of Tanzanians depend on agriculture for subsistence.

“29.2 per cent of the national income is derived from agricultural activities, more than 32 per cent of the country’s exports is agricultural, hence if drought persists, our economy will be in danger,” Dr Jafo said.

He mobilised for tree planting by students as well as environmental protection since, he said, experts say 62 per cent of trees planted are sustainable.

Citing the statement by the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) as the country prepares to mark World Environment day. NEMC Manager for the Central Zone, Dr Franklin Rwezimula called on IRDP students to join the programme by experts aimed to engage themselves in writing of assessment reports on environment issues.

He added that as for now, the country is in short supply of experts who write environment assessment issues.

“IRDP is a big stakeholder as they teach experts in environment as they provide consultancy on the subject including its adverse effects, hence with NEMC we have been collaborating in various issues,” he said.

Modesta Yohana, an IRDP student from the Institute’s Environment Club said their club has been engaged in planting trees and gardening in order to make the Institute green.

She said they have been visiting various areas in the proximity of the Institute to mobilise people to plant trees to fight the effects of climate change.

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