Ministry of Sports to Form Committee for Footballers with Special Needs | #specialneeds | #kids

‘The Miracles Team’ didn’t choose that name for itself for nothing. In the absurdly competitive world of football, people’s expectations can cause them to overlook certain talents. In those people’s eyes, it’s impossible for anyone other than the most able-bodied of players to seriously compete as footballers. But when it comes to the Miracles Team, an Egyptian team made up of athletes with special needs and amputations, the impossible is just another challenge.

Although they’ve been around for years, they’ve recently been able to bring their vision of a more inclusive Egyptian sports scene to another level by helping with the formation of a new committee, in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ Paralympic Committee. The minister held a meeting with members of the Miracles Team’s administration to see what they’ll need when it comes to holding local football matches, and their participation in continental and international championships.

The ministry plans on making sports facilities for the youths with special needs and amputations, to help these potential Paralympians better organise and prepare for larger competitions.

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