#minorsextrafficking | 35th Universal Periodic Review: UK statement on Guinea-Bissau

The Universal Periodic Review takes place in Geneva.

The United Kingdom welcomes Guinea-Bissau’s advances to promote and protect human rights and commends progress on implementing reforms in the judicial sector, including efforts to expand access to justice beyond Bissau. It is vital that the Government remains committed to further judicial reform.

However, we are concerned that political instability in Guinea-Bissau has delayed further progress, including implementation of human rights legislation and other measures to protect women, children, and vulnerable populations. We are also concerned that government officials have not disclosed their personal financial information, as required by law.

We urge the Government to take stronger action against corruption, which undermines a free, democratic and stable society. We also encourage the Government to ensure freedom of peaceful assembly is respected.

We recommend that Guinea-Bissau:

  1. Investigate, prosecute and convict those responsible for child trafficking and forced child labour, including forced begging and sex trafficking.
  2. Take action to support activities to sensitise communities to the reasons for, and importance of, respecting the 2011 law against FGM, particularly in rural areas, and ensure cases are brought to trial.
  3. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN Treaty Body elections.

Published 24 January 2020

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