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#minorsextrafficking | AG Todd Rokita works with bipartisan, binational colleagues on border failure – Hamilton County Reporter

Shared testimony confirms causes, effects on Indiana  


Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita worked with bipartisan, binational colleagues on the border failure this week at a collaborative summit near the southern border. Joined by five bipartisan attorneys general from U.S. states and 14 Mexican attorneys general, the event featured important discussions about human trafficking, drug policy, the cartels who are taking advantage of the open southern border and opportunities for binational legal cooperation.


“We are directly interacting with my Mexican counterparts and Mexican non-governmental organizations who acknowledged, among other things, that President Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy was effective in reducing the sex trafficking of children,” Rokita said. “This summit gave me the ability to hear that the drug cartels are driving a significant amount of this crime to inland U.S. states, like Indiana, a lot of the fentanyl they are sending is originating in China, and the Left’s open-border insanity makes it possible on a grand scale. There was no disagreement from anyone that enforcing our border would dramatically improve the situation for both Mexican citizens and US citizens, like those living in Indiana.”

It is estimated that half of illegal aliens entering the U.S. at the southern border are from countries other than Mexico and Central America, utilizing Mexico as a land bridge to the U.S.

“For example, children from other countries are also victims of Biden’s refusal to enforce the rule of law at the border,” Rokita said.

Summit participants expressed concern for what they see as an increase in children’s organ harvesting and reported that 80 percent of women are sexually assaulted while journeying to and across the southern border. Approximately 60 percent of children have been violated by the time they are trafficked across the border.

Rokita said participants discussed how parents of illegal alien children are sold the American dream for their kids by the cartels and told that if they trust their kids to the cartels, the kids will have a new, rich life in the U.S. Instead, kids are then told that their parents didn’t make full payment for their trip and they must now be sexually exploited in order to compensate the cartel for their journey.

“It’s reprehensible,” Rokita said, “and those in charge of our country are allowing it to happen because of their open border insanity.”

Rokita continued, “Many of those kids and the drugs end up in Indiana, and it’s just as despicable for statewide politicians, woke corporations, and Indiana’s fake news to ignore these atrocities. We are all border states when it comes to the effect of open borders.”

Illegal aliens who cross the southern border can reach Indiana within 48 hours. The current construction of Interstate 69 in Texas means they will arrive even more quickly to Indiana, the Crossroads of America.

As fentanyl overdoses, drug trafficking, and human trafficking increase across Hoosier communities, the problem must be addressed at its root.

Rokita continues to fight what he says are the Biden administration’s weak policies regarding illegal aliens and has joined two multistate lawsuits to date that would force the Biden Administration to enforce the U.S. southern border. Just this week, he announced an 18-state amicus brief, filed with the United States Supreme Court, in support of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

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