#minorsextrafficking | Big Tech Immunity Under Communications Decency Act §230

Peter A. Crusco

Recently, I searched on the Internet for two unrelated products, a pocket notary seal, and a frost free sillcock (an outdoor faucet device), using one of the so-called “big tech” search engines that millions of Americans use daily. After my search was complete, for several weeks thereafter, I received ads for similar products in the middle of unrelated Internet surfing. What I and millions of others experienced through this phenomenon is one of the filtering systems that the big tech companies employ to accomplish their advertisers’ marketing goals and handsomely profit therefrom. Given the recent acquisitions, reach and market size of the five big tech companies—Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google—who service hundreds of millions of American customers among others, it is not surprising the tools that big tech has at its disposal. See, e.g., Katie Jones, The Big Five: Largest Acquisitions by Tech Company, Visual Capitalist, Oct. 11, 2019 (last accessed Feb. 14, 2021).

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