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#minorsextrafficking | Coming soon: Children’s Legacy Center for Resilience offering help to kids dealing with trauma | News

REDDING, Calif. – Work is underway at a new building called the Children’s Legacy Center for Resilience to offer resources for children who are victims of trauma.

As many as 150 children will have access to therapists, health care providers, and social workers to recover from the trauma that they went through.

Kimberly Johnson is the executive director of the children’s legacy center. She says the goal is to help children dealing with the impacts of child abuse, neglect, and sex trafficking.

Johnson says this center will help out with Shasta county’s limited number of resources.

“It’s important that we as a community come around kiddos who have experienced trauma and abuse or neglect and provide them with every opportunity they need to heal. Also, for them to be resilient and change the trajectory of their lives,” Johnson said.

Johnson says the first Children’s Legacy building has reduced the added stress and abuse of the investigation process for 297 children since 2020.

The Children’s Legacy Center for Resilience will open this summer.

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