#minorsextrafficking | Duke WON’T listen in to court hearing & will leave lawyers to battle with accuser Virginia Roberts

To give evidence: Juan Patricio Alessi

Juan Patricio Alessi, 71, Epstein’s former housekeeper, could be called to give evidence.

Testifying at Maxwell’s New York City trial, Alessi told the court he saw “hundreds” of topless girls bathing at the property’s pool when he worked at the paedo’s mansion from 1990 to 2002.

The former staff member said two girls, who appeared underage, also frequently stayed at the mansion.

He told the court one was Ms Giuffre and the victim in the trial who used the pseudonym “Jane”.

Alessi recalled Andrew visiting Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach twice – but said he never witnessed him take part in any sexual impropriety.

Speaking before Maxwell was found guilty in New York, Alessi said Andrew “should speak to the FBI, if nothing else to clear himself”.

He said: “I believe what Virginia is saying, although I do not know the truth about what happened between her and Andrew.

“I never saw Andrew and Virginia together.”

Alessi alleges he first met Ms Giuffre when she worked at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

He told the court: “I was at Mar-A-Lago with Ms Maxwell. I waited in the car like the driver.”

Asked by the prosecution, “how did she look?”, the 71-year-old replied: “young”, and when asked how old she was he said: “14 or 15.”

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