#minorsextrafficking | Florida ranks third in the nation for calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Sara was a smart, middleclass college student with a bright future when Paul, her boyfriend of two months, suggested she tryout for a swimsuit photoshoot, telling her she had plenty of potential and the money was good.

He dropped her off at a hotel to meet with the photographer, but instead of a swimsuit shoot, the photographer ordered Sara to remove her clothing. When she refused, he said she could not leave until she did everything she was told. After taking compromising photos of her, the photographer raped Sara. When Paul returned, Sara tearfully told him what had happened to her. Instead of consoling her, he slapped her, called her a whore, and said the photos would be posted online and sent to her family if she didn’t do whatever she was told. Even as he sold her for sex, it was difficult for Sara to comprehend that Paul had never been a boyfriend, but a sex trafficker who had meticulously groomed her for financial profit. 

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