#minorsextrafficking | Larry Dean Porter of Ohio Paid Drug-Addict Moms to Let Him Molest Their Kids, Feds Say

Federal authorities have brought charges against a 69-year-old Ohio man who is accused of paying drug-addicted mothers in pills and cash to let him molest their children—and then using his own daughters to cover up the crimes.

The complaint against Larry Dean Porter unsealed on Tuesday lays out a depraved decades-long scheme in which he allegedly sexually assaulted minors and then, when they grew up, convinced them to turn over their own kids for what he called “babysitting.” Porter sometimes enlisted the mothers to take part in the abuse, which he would film, according to an FBI affidavit.

The court papers also reveal that Scioto County authorities were warned in 2009 that Porter was a pedophile when two of his alleged victims—a girl and a boy—told protective services that they had been abused for years. The two of them later recanted their allegations, according to county officials.

The FBI affidavit including horrifying testimony from the victims and damning Facebook messages from Porter in which he allegedly talked about how much money he would pay for time with grade-schoolers.

“They good and horny?” he allegedly wrote in one message in April 2019 to the mother of two girls.

Investigators used a sting operation to amass more evidence against Porter, enlisting an informant to dangle the promise of a 7-year-old girl in front of him. Even though Porter knew he was already under law-enforcement scrutiny, he arranged a rendezvous with the woman and the child in March and was caught with $80—the amount he had agreed to pay for one night with the girl, the affidavit said.

Porter was initially arrested on local charges in March but now faces federal charges that include sex trafficking, child pornography, obstruction, and witness-tampering.

After his arrest, the feds learned that two of his daughters had been seen digging on his property. When officers dug up that spot they found a glass jar that contained images of a woman performing oral sex on one of the child victims in the case.

The complaint also included messages from Porter to a third daughter after he sent her a photo of one of the victims.

“I told u not to talk to me about that shit u realize ur grand daughter is probably the same age,” the daughter responded.

Her father typed back: “lol, but she not my granddauther. I couldn’t b with my own family.”

The daughter’s response? “I know but she’s young dad shit there’s still good looking ones that’s over 18.”

Porter’s federal counsel could not be reached for comment.

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