#minorsextrafficking | Law Minister: Multilateral coordination needed to stop human trafficking

He refers to the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic as reason behind the trafficking from Bangladesh

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq has urged all for ensuring multilateral cooperation to stop human trafficking and smuggling migrants.

He came up with the urge on Tuesday while inaugurating the opening session of an e-Colloquium on Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants.

The two-day virtual colloquium was jointly organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The minister said:”Trafficking is a problem of individual, country and society, and it causes physical, mental and societal damage.”

“Bangladesh is the second remittance receiver in the world. Thus, the country is committed to secure regular migration and return with dignity.” 

He mentioned the formulation of various laws in the country and rectification of international protocols to combat trafficking.

Anisul said: “We are working to develop the process of prosecution and going through a victim-centred approach. We are identifying victims, supporting them and bringing criminals under the trial.”

The minister referred to the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason behind trafficking from Bangladesh.

Law and Justice Division Secretary Md Golam Sarwar said:”To stop human trafficking is a global challenge. Mostly women and children are vulnerable here. Bangladesh has taken many steps to stop sex trafficking, forced labour, and child labour. But no government or country can stop it alone.”

He, however, urged all to act together to stop these inhuman activities. 

Rensje Teerink, ambassador and head of the European Union Delegation to Bangladesh, said that many people migrate from Bangladesh and there is also a dark side. 

In many cases, they get abused and become victims of forced labour, she said, adding that Bangladesh needs national and regional response to combat the menaces. 

UNODC Director Division for Treaty Affairs John Brandolino delivered the welcome speech in the colloquium, while Sergey Kapinos, UNODC representative for South Asia, also spoke among others.

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