#minorsextrafficking | Letter: Owens is a leader in hypocrisy and making up absurdities just like his idol

Recently I received a flyer in the mail informing me that Burgess Owens is “A Leader in the Fight to End Human Trafficking and Child Slavery,” and that “Utah Families Pay a Heavy Price” (with no explanation of how Utah families are paying that heavy price). But apparently that is the only issue facing the country, if the flyer depicts Owens’ priorities. Burgess Owens is also a rabid Trump supporter and a fan of QAnon, the conspiracy clearing house that claims Democrat leaders are deep into child sex trafficking, drinking children’s blood, murder and cannibalism.

“Before the mass expulsions, unaccompanied children were sent to the U.S. refugee agency, which is required under a 2008 anti-trafficking law. But compliance with the law has been suspended. Ironically, President Donald Trump has boasted that his administration is putting ‘unprecedented pressure on sex traffickers at home and abroad.’”

So, Mr. Owens, apparently you are actually “a leader” in something else — hypocrisy, lying and making up dangerous, inflammatory absurdities out of thin air, just like your idol, Donald Trump.

Brian Moench, Salt Lake City

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