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Electric bill comes due

Re: “Yes, your electric bills are going up — Natural gas price one factor, but freeze effect sets in next,” by Mitchell Schnurman, Sunday Business column.

Thank you, Gov. Greg Abbott and the Republican Party. You froze us in our homes for a week in February. More than 200 people died. Now we are forced to pay the bill.

Voters, it will not be difficult to remember who caused this huge electric increase. Every time you open your electric bill, thank your state GOP. Voting matters!

Dianne Kennedy, Dallas

Supporting our values

Re: “Trump declares nation in trouble — Former president raises myriad issues at First Baptist service,” Sunday news story.

The Dallas Morning News seems to believe that a former president of the United States should not be allowed to visit a worship service at First Baptist Church in Dallas and that a former president of the United States should not be friends with a church pastor, specifically Robert Jeffress.

Donald Trump has indeed been very supportive of the values that are held by not only Christians but people of other faiths and some with no faith at all. Christians appreciate his stands on many issues with which we agree. Jeffress does not instruct church members as to how to vote, but he expresses support of certain policies as promoted by some of our leaders as well as disagreement with others.

Personally, I do not care what Sen. Mitt Romney says or thinks about my pastor, or anything else for that matter. Anything Jeffress says regarding salvation, or any other matter of theology, is based totally on the Holy Bible.

The members of First Baptist were pleased to welcome Trump to our Christmas Sunday service, just as we have enjoyed the presence of many political leaders over many years. Those who don’t like us are welcome but don’t come.

Diana Arnold, Far North Dallas

So long, fellow Baptists

As a lifelong Southern Baptist, I am shocked and appalled by the churchgoers in line at First Baptist Church of Dallas who “cheered when a bus drove by emblazoned with the anti-president Joe Biden political slogan, ‘Let’s go Brandon.’”

This is the opposite of Christian values that churchgoers in general and Southern Baptists in particular are supposed to live by.

If this is what Southern Baptists have come to, I‘ll never again attend a Southern Baptist church. What would Jesus do?

Lee Sanders, Mesquite

Some Americans struggle

Re: “Manchin’s Wise ‘No’ — Democrat stands up for country’s best interest in blocking massive social spending bill,” Tuesday Editorials.

I was very interested to read the editorial board’s take on Sen. Joe Manchin’s actions regarding the Build Back Better plan. I agree that senators should act independent of party and that every vote should be measured and well-considered.

If the editorial had ended there, I would have considered it well-written, despite my disagreement with the senator’s vote.

But the editorial did not end there: “And like West Virginians, most Americans still aren’t looking for the government to be their cradle-to-grave caretaker.” Vilifying struggling Americans to prove a point is shameful.

A simple Google search reveals that more than 35% of West Virginians rely on Social Security (one of the largest items in the federal budget). The poverty rate in the state is a whopping 16%. The state also has a high percentage of Medicaid recipients in the country. Yet the West Virginia governor’s office proudly proclaims the lowest unemployment rate in the state’s history in 2021.

It sounds like Manchin’s constituents are hard-working employed folks who need assistance, not a “caregiver.” Poverty baiting at Christmas is not a good look, Dallas Morning News. Shame on you.

Lesa Holley, Rowlett

Manchin acts as a statesman

If, as an elected official, you worry about the next election, then you are a politician. If, instead, you worry about the next generation, you are a statesman. In spite of an onslaught of grief, pressure and name-calling from his own party Sen. Joe Manchin chose to do what he thought was right and not what may have been popular.

I submit he is a statesman and a breath of fresh air.

James Clement, Dallas/Bluffview

Thank you, Mom

Re: $15 that changed history — Dallas lawyer wrote check for Roe vs. Wade filing fee,” Tuesday news story.

So sad to see what this newspaper has turned into with their love of abortion and the continued support of it. Your staff might need to take time and thank their mothers who chose life.

Don Williams, Sunnyvale

State fails our kids

Two Dec. 17 Letters to the Editor [by Sylvia Johnson and Karen Dorris] rightly chastised our pro-life state leadership for its decades-long failure to protect children in foster care. I cite another recent example of failing to protect children already here.

Texas Senate Bill 9, the Christine Blubaugh Act, relates to “public school instruction and materials regarding the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking and the adoption of public school policies to prevent dating violence.”

The original version of this bipartisan bill passed the Senate, 29-2, but was vetoed by Gov. Greg Abbott, who says parents should have the right to opt out their children from this curriculum. Abbott signed a modified version into law, requiring parents to sign permission slips for their children to participate.

Children’s advocacy groups are concerned that children who may need this curriculum the most will be opted out of it by their parents. “Parental rights” can be harmful to children with abusive parents.

By a variety of measures, such as our foster care system, Texas ranks in the bottom 5-10 of states. Our youngest Texans deserve better.

Cathy Murphree, Richardson

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