#minorsextrafficking | Man convicted of child sex trafficking sentenced to over 141 years in prison

A man convicted of numerous counts involving child sex trafficking, sexual conduct involving a minor and others was sentenced to 141-and-a-half years in prison Thursday afternoon.

Willie McElroy Jr. received the sentence after being convicted of the following felony counts:

  • 11 counts of child sex trafficking
  • 6 counts of sexual conduct with a minor
  • 2 counts of sexual abuse
  • 2 counts of pandering
  • 1 count of sexual assault
  • 1 count of aggravated assault involving a deadly weapon
  • 1 count of kidnapping

Prosecutors accused McElroy of taking in a 16-year-old runaway and have her perform sexual acts for money. He was ultimately arrested in 2018 before being convicted in July.

Arrest documents say police saw a 16-year-old girl wearing a “short, tight black dress” and approach cars with lone male drivers on Jan. 26, 2018. Police later watched the girl approach and talk to McElroy, according to court documents. 

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