#minorsextrafficking | Manhattan New Sex Work Law Isn’t Enough Protection

By continuing to prosecute those who patronize sex workers, as well as those who promote sex work, those in positions of power lift up and perpetuate the narrative that those engaged in sex work do not choose it but are rather coerced or trafficked. That is hardly the case. A look into often regurgitated child sex trafficking statistics shows the numbers and information to be incredibly skewed or entirely false. It’s often reported that there are 100,000 to 300,000 children “locked in sex slavery in the U.S.” But in truth, that number comes from a 2001 study which actually refers to youths up to age 21 at risk of sexual exploitation — not trafficking. While trafficking is considered in that figure, it’s the least prevalent form of exploitation, according to The Washington Post. The person who conducted the study also said in 2011 that the number of minors trafficked was closer to “a few hundred.”

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