#minorsextrafficking | Matt Gaetz’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies to Grand Jury Investigating Him for Sex Trafficking

Matt Gaetz’s ex-partner testified before the federal grand jury investigating the Florida representative for possible sex crimes on Wednesday, according to multiple reports. Gaetz’s unnamed former girlfriend has spent months negotiating a possible immunity deal with prosecutors, allowing her to duck a charge of obstruction of justice in exchange for her testimony about Gaetz’s alleged sex trafficking activities, NBC News reports. Gaetz has called the probe a “witch hunt.” The Florida congressman and his ex-girlfriend allegedly discussed other women he was involved with while the pair were in an open relationship throughout 2017 and 2018, friends said. She was also along for the ride on a trip to the Bahamas during which Gaetz may have violating sex trafficking laws, according to previous reports. Under scrutiny too is a phone call the ex-girlfriend made to a woman cooperating with federal investigators at the time. The ex-girlfriend allegedly patched Gaetz in at some point, although it’s unknown what exactly was said on the call.

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