#minorsextrafficking | Maxwell verdict shows why we must work to expose sex traffickers

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and how fortuitous it is that a New York jury has convicted the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell on several counts of sexual abuse of minors. The verdict sends a strong message to all sex traffickers who are soliciting sex crimes by trafficking underage boys and girls.  

The jury’s decision represents a concluding chapter in a disturbing saga of sexual abuse that spanned three decades and highlighted a pandemic that has been sweeping our country for a very long time.

Jeffrey Epstein may have checked out early by hanging himself in jail in August 2019, but Maxwell had to pay the consequences. And that’s why she will spend the rest of her life behind bars for ruining the lives of countless minors who were groomed by Maxwell and Epstein to satisfy the sexual thirst of men, including alleged politicians, CEO’s, royal figures and many more high-profile individuals.

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