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#minorsextrafficking | Men arrested during human trafficking operation in Stateline | South Lake Tahoe

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. – Three adult men were arrested in Stateline Friday after an undercover human trafficking operation was conducted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), Reno Police Department Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEAT), and the Nevada Department of Investigation

On Friday, May 21, 2021, DCSO arrested the three men who allegedly contacted undercover detectives believing they were underage minors for the purpose of having sex with the minors. The operation occurred in the casino core of Stateline, Nevada.

“We are always looking for signs of human trafficking we usually run at least one or two prostitution stings a year,” said DCSO Sheriff Dan Coverly. “This is the first one with HEAT, who also provided training to us specific to human trafficking and prostitution involving minors. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will continue to aggressively investigate Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution and will work with our regional partners to continue to fight this type of heinous crime, and protect our children.”

Undersheriff Ron Elges said they used the operation to see if they had any crimes involving the human trafficking of minors in Douglas County.

“We are proactively attempting to determine if there are problems in Douglas County or threats to our minors,” said Elges. “These types of crimes are sometimes not reported, the Sheriff believes we need to be proactive in investigating these types of crimes to protect our minors.”

The suspects arrested:

Jonathan Lemus, 33, from South Lake Tahoe, Calif., is facing charges of Solicitation of a minor for prostitution, Attempted child abuse for sexual exploitation.

Adam Graf, 37, from Wellington, Nev., is facing charges of Solicitation of a minor for prostitution, Attempted child abuse for sexual exploitation

James Markwardt-Abrigo, 29, from Dayton, Nev., is facing charges of Luring a child with a computer device, Solicitation of a minor for prostitution, Attempted lewdness w/ a child under 16, Attempted Stat Sexual seduction by a person over 21,
Attempted sexual abuse of a child involving sexual exploitation of a child.

Anyone who is or knows of a potential victim of sex trafficking or human trafficking, should contact the (775)-78-CRIME (782-7463).

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