#minorsextrafficking | Namibia to Participate in Conference On Sex Trafficking

NAMIBIAN’S will have a chance to participate in a virtual conference aimed at combating human and sex trafficking next Saturday.

The conference is organised by Sealed.Life Ministries in Bangkok, Thailand.

It will bring together experts and survivors from around the world who will provide insight into the dark industry of human and sex trafficking and how individuals can play their part in combating it in their countries and globally.

Namibians at the coast can follow the event with the rest of the world from The Rendezvous church at Walvis Bay, through a live-stream session on Zoom or the Facebook page ‘Sealed Namibia’.

The Namibian part will be facilitated by Aina Nghipuilepo, a young Namibian woman who has studied in Thailand.

“We aim at educating and raising awareness on the realities of human and sex trafficking, and to awaken the Namibian nation to the fact that it is not normal for our children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to go missing. We all have a role to play,” says Nghipuilepo.

Nghipuilepo hopes that through the conference, survivors from Namibia will start sharing their stories to save others.

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