#minorsextrafficking | Nine indicted in child sex trafficking ring

COLUMBUS – A southern Ohio man and eight other people, including a Columbus woman, are accused in a federal indictment of exchanging drugs for sexual access to children of drug-addicted parents.

The indictment says Larry Dean Porter, of Wheelersburg, repeatedly traded drugs for sex with three girls, with several other adults helping transport the victims to Porter’s house.

Porter, 69, is also accused of taking sexually explicit photos of the children for the purposes of creating child pornography.

Porter was arrested in March on local charges during a human trafficking sting operated by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office where Porter, in Facebook messages coordinated by law enforcement, allegedly offered to pay $80 in exchange for access to a 7-year-old girl.
Porter is charged in a 13-count indictment with conspiring to sex traffic children, a crime that carries a possible life sentence, and other offenses.

Porter’s court-appointed public defender declined comment.

Eight other adults were charged, including two of Porter’s adult daughters, one of whom lives in Columbus, and a cousin.

Immediately following Porter’s arrest in Jackson County, two of Porter’s daughters — Crystal Porter, 39, of Columbus, and Denna Porter, 32, of Wheelersburg – and two of his friends were seen making numerous trips to Porter’s residence and were seen digging holes in the ground where authorities found an SD memory card buried inside that court documents say contained images of child pornography taken in Porter’s bedroom, said David DeVilliers, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.

The women are charged with conspiring to obstruct a child sex trafficking investigation, destroying or removing evidence and making false statements to law enforcement.

During a recorded jail call, Porter and his cousin, Erroll Wayne Porter, Sr., 69, of Wheelersburg, discussed a possible informant, during which Larry Porter told Wayne to “Go out and make sure that idiot don’t do something. If you have to put a slug in that ———-.”

Wayne Porter is charged with conspiring to obstruct a child sex trafficking investigation and witness tampering.

The remaining four defendants are facing a total of 13 counts related to sex trafficking, child pornography, and destroying evidence and other charges.

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